painting of magnolia grandiflora blossom

Scent of a Humid Evening

© 2013
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 24″ x 24″

PRICE: $550

Here’s another southern tree I never saw in Michigan or New York. With blossoms the size of dinner plates and the aroma of a lemon gardenia, it’s a stunning flower on a very grand tree. They get big – there are some old ones growing on the southwest corner of the US Capitol. When the West Terrace was still accessible to citizens you could peer inside the branches of these tall dark-leaved trees, and when in bloom the fragrance would waft over you.

I painted this upon returning from painting in France, and was very much inspired by our visit to Cezanne’s studio. While this looks noting like a Cezanne, the lively use of blue in the shadows is in tribute to that great painter.


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