About Patrise

Growing up in the wetlands of Michigan Patrise was surrounded the beauty of sky and water. The changing light and season, the drama of weather, and the perspective that comes from living under the milky way all made their mark. Taught oil painting at age 8 by her multi-talented mother, she headed out into the watery landscape and made images.

That early instruction lead to a love or image making that has provided lifelong pleasure. During high school Patrise studied paintings at the Detroit Institute of Art, including Ruisdel, Constable, Turner, Monet and more. Before she set foot in art school her sensibilites were well established.

Art school in the 1970s was not particularly tuned to the needs of a landscape painter. Patrise studied graphic design and abstract painting, while returning to the landscape whenever possible on her own. A year abroad in Scotland found her lugging a paint kit as she hitchhiked around the Highlands making oil sketches from life at places like Callanish and the sacred isle of Iona.

With the rise of computers in commercial art Patrise found her niche in desktop publishing, and worked as a corporate designer and art director.  Meeting a potential business partner in 1994, she eventually launched consulting business in research based communications that served government contracts for many years.

Through all this the joy of painting from life never left her. Patrise co-lead artists trips to the south of France and created popular plein-aire paintings of Provence. She joined an art coop on Capitol Hill and exhibited successfully there for several years.

In 2003 Patrise moved out of the city to a community on the Potomac River, and rediscovered the watery light and life again.



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